Eddie Brock No More in Latest Venom TV Spot

After the last Venom TV Spot disappointed fans a bit, Sony has released a new one that actually has plenty of new footage. Some of them flesh out the story a bit and they still managed to avoid that terrible turd in the wind line that nobody likes. It's a step up for sure and we can only hope that the final product impresses.

One of the new things we see is Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock conduct an interview with the main villain of the piece. He doesn't even try to hide how villainous he, saying "we're finished" after Brock asks about volunteers who've died under these "experiments." These will obviously be symbiote related and will likely give Venom some cannon fodder to dispatch of.

The end also shows that Eddie Brock is a big-time reporter, as a guy in the bar asks "aren't you Eddie Brock?" It seems like he's already been infected by the symbiote at this point since he replies "I used to be."

With only a month left before it hits theaters, we're all hoping that Sony's Venom movie knocks our socks off and gives the studio a good reason to start their own cinematic universe with these Marvel characters. Considering how most of them are connected to Spider-Man, comic book fans will likely take umbrage with this unless they introduce Miles Morales.

Venom comes out on October 5.

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