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Marvel's Echo First Reactions Are In: "Violent and Dark," "Definitely Brutal"

Credit: Marvel Studios

The upcoming MCU series Echo will finally arrive on Disney+ this January and a lot of fans have been excited to see the franchise's first TV-MA show following the release of the first trailer which teased a darker and violent tone for the Hawkeye spinoff.

It is also delegated as the first project under the "Marvel Spotlight" banner which showcases shows that are more character-driven and not necessarily part of the overall arc of the current saga of the MCU.

Considering that some of the recent MCU releases have been divisive, there is a lot of hope that Echo will be satisfying for many fans and deliver a solid quality throughout its five-episode run.

Now. we finally have our first social media reactions to Echo and they are somewhat encouraging.

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The First Social Media Reactions on Echo Have Arrived

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Recently, a couple of critics and journalists were able to watch the first 2-3 episodes of Echo at a preview screening in the United Kingdom and shared their early reactions to the MCU series on social media right after.

So far, the responses have been mostly favorable with praises toward its action sequences, violent tone, Alaqua Cox's performance, and the representation of Native American culture. However, some of them criticized its pacing and storytelling.

You can check some of the posts here:

While the reactions were not universally positive, it is still promising since it looks like the first couple of episodes of the series are entertaining enough and deliver the violent and dark tone that the trailer promised.

There were reports that the series encountered behind-the-scenes problems, but based on these early responses, it looks like they were able to overcome it somewhat and the results were far from disappointment that it would be deemed a misfire.

Obviously, the overall reception will change the more critics see the series in the coming weeks and it's interesting to see what kind of reactions it will get once the audience sees it themselves.

Hopefully, it will be a good beginning for the MCU, especially as they are slowing down on their releases next year.

All five episodes of Echo will premiere on January 10, 2024 on Disney+ and Hulu.

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