Earth to Echo Writer Confirms He's Writing Shazam!

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Earth to Echo writer Henry Gayden confirms that he is penning the screenplay for DC's superhero movie, Shazam! Aside from the sci-fi flick, he is best known for the horror-comedy webseries, Zombie Roadkill.

After the Hollywood Reporter named him as a writer working on the script about the hero who's the closest in the DC Universe who can rival Superman, Gayden admits his involvement in his Twitter page.

As reported by Comic Book Resources, a Twitter follower named annericelover asked Gayden to confirm or deny the report. Gayden twitted back for all his Followers to see:

"Confirmed and loving what's to come. :) "

The titular superhero still has to be cast. At this point, though, we are wondering whether there will be two actors, as Shazam is the alter ego of 10-year-old Billy Batson. Batson transforms into the flying, red-costumed powerhouse by uttering the magical name.

The villain, Black Adam, though, has been cast. Dwayne Johnson will be reprising the role both in Shazam! and his own stand-alone movie.