Early Justice League Audience Scores Close To Wonder Woman

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Despite the critical acclaim of Wonder Woman, fans are still anxious about next week's Justice League film. Many were worried about DC and Warner Bros rushing the movie since it boasts a big roster and will only be running for two hours. However, recent screenings for the film have had positive audience scores, which are almost as high as the ones Wonder Woman received, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As most fans know, Wonder Woman was a commercial and critical success, with many praising the film's message and awe-inspiring action. The film's success also lead to director Patty Jenkins getting better pay for the sequel, which is sadly rare for women in Hollywood. With all this in mind, fans might be getting the Justice League movie they've been dreaming about, or at the least, one that will get decent reviews.

Most of the actors have confirmed that the movie would have lighter moments, though they were quick to point out that the film still belongs to Zack Snyder. Joss Whedon did direct some of the necessary reshoots and rewrote a good chunk of the film, but will only be getting a writing credit. Whedon will return to the DCEU soon since reports have stated that he would be working on a Batgirl movie.

Justice League will hit theaters next week, on November 17. Let's hope that the film's critical scores are just as good as the audience ones.

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