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Dwayne Johnson Slams Report About His Ten-Year Plan for DC

With Black Adam underperforming at the box office, it didn't come as a surprise when it was announced that Dwayne Johnson is stepping down from the titular DC role and will not be involved in the new DCU moving forward.

It is certainly a huge contrast to his promises back when he was promoting the film as he was hyping his bigger involvement in the DCEU such as bringing back Henry Cavill in the role of Superman and plans to do more projects in the franchise surrounding his character.

Ever since his exit, a report came out about his alleged fracturing relationship with Warner Bros. before the release of the film and meeting with CEO David Zaslav about his multi-year plan for the DC franchise that apparently "ruffled feathers internally."

Now, in a recent appearance on the CNBC show Squawk on the Street, Johnson breaks silence on the report where he clarified and insisted that the report was not true and he had a "great meeting" with Zaslav back when he was still in the DC franchise contrary to the claims.

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"That is simply not true. “I had a great meeting with David Zaslav, myself and my longtime business partner Dany Garcia," he explained in defense. "Her and myself went in, we sat with David, and we did not pitch a ten-year plan at all. What our meeting was the future and how can we build across the entire platform of Warner Bros. and Discovery."

Johnson also discussed the challenges of avoiding engaging in the "sludge of media reporting" such as the recent claim about his alleged ten-year plan for the DC franchise.

"You know, I gotta tell you Morgan [Brennan] and David [Faber], one of the hardest things that I’ve had to do – and it’s one of the greater disciplines that we have to practice when we’re in this position – is you want to be careful how much you get pulled into the sludge of media reporting," the actor added.

"Now, that’s not an overall criticism. but you do want to be careful about it. So it was very difficult – wait, let me rephrase that – it was challenging to exercise that kind of discipline. Just to let these reports come out."

While the actor was slamming the report, he still had a diplomatic tone in his response. Whether the report is true or not (and we will never know the answer to that), at the very least, we were able to hear his side and explain publicly what happened based on his perspective.

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Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

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