Dwayne Johnson Responds to Ryan Reynolds’ Hawkman Comments

Ryan Reynolds made headlines earlier today when he confirmed that he's not playing Hawkman in Black Adam, but with the post having Reynolds say that he'll follow whatever the Rock tell him to do, Dwayne Johnson decides to respond in earnest.

Here's Johnson's post:

For now, it's very likely Reynolds isn't going to be playing Hawkman in the Black Adam movie or appearing in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Being attached to the Deadpool role, it would make sense if he was legally not allowed to play any other big superhero characters. If he were to appear in a DCEU film moving forward, I'd imagine that Reynolds would just be playing a minor role. Maybe he could even appear alongside Kevin Hart, who is probably going to be put into Black Adam one way or another.

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Credit: Dwayne Johnson/IG

While the pandemic may have slowed things down for major movie productions, it looks like Black Adam is going to have to push its shooting date even further. At one point it was expected to start sometime next year, but newer reports suggest that Johnson may have to wait until 2021. At least that's enough time to try and find ways to bring Reynolds and Hart into the film.

We don't know when Ryan Reynolds is going to be in a comic book movie again, but he is taking a jab at the video game movie genre with Free Guy from director Shawn Levy. The movie is set to come out Dec. 11 this year. As for Black Adam, the film was set to come out Dec. 22, 2021, but it's likely it could be moved if production decides to start on that same year.

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