Dwayne Johnson Declares Black Adam Can Easily Kill Superman

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The first teaser trailer for Black Adam was released during the recent DC FanDome event in which it gave us a glimpse of the titular antihero's powers where we witnessed him killing a man in just a matter of few seconds. For years, there have been discussions about how the Man of Steel himself, Superman, will fare against Black Adam. Now, the actor behind the antihero has shared his thoughts.

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In response to a tweet from film critic Fico Cangiano, Dwayne Johnson, who plays Black Adam, made a huge declaration that his character can easily kill Superman since the Man of Steel's greatest weakness is magic while Black Adam's greatest power is magic. Thus "only one will kill the other." You can view the tweet here:


To be fair, Superman's vulnerability to magic has varied in different iterations of the character in the comics so it is not essentially part of his DNA throughout the years. There is no doubt that fans have been wanting to see the two characters face-off since they are deemed as the strongest characters in the DC Universe.

It is far from surprising to hear that Johnson would declare that Black Adam can easily kill Superman since he is, after all, the actor who is playing the antihero. We also know that he's been wanting his character to face off Superman for years and this could easily be an indication that it might head in that direction in just a matter of time. There have been reports that Henry Cavill will be coming back in a DC project. It is unknown yet if it's Black Adam or something else. But we shouldn't count out the possibility of Superman appearing in the film, even in just a cameo appearance.

However, there are confirmed plans that Black Adam will face off Shazam, who is set to return in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, in the future. The antihero was set to appear in the first Shazam! film before he was given his solo project. We may not be able to see him face off Superman anytime soon, but we know that he will be facing off Shazam, which fans will definitely love to see. There are no details yet about when the characters' eventual face-off will happen. We can take a good guess that we might see it being teased in a post-credits scene on either Black Adam or Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

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Black Adam is set to be released in theaters on July 29, 2022.