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Dune Star Javier Bardem Hopes for Expanded Role in Sequel

Dune is easily one of the biggest films this year. Prior to the release, there have been talks about having a sequel since the film is only going to cover the first half of the book. Now, one of its stars has added its voice to the conversation.

In an interview with Deadline, Oscar winner Javier Bardem, who plays Stilgar in the film, was asked about his experience of working in Dune. He said, "It was fun. My role is short. Hopefully, there is a second one! I hope my character will have more to tell in the story. Let's see."

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The actor hinted that he doesn't have a lot of screen time in the film. It does make sense since the film only covers the first half of the novel. If there's going to be a sequel, his character will eventually have an expanded role, which Bardem is looking forward to. It might be surprising that an actor like Bardem doesn't get a lot of screentime in the first film, but it also signifies that he will be prominently featured in the sequel and it is the reason why he was cast.

Even director Denis Villeneuve himself has been looking forward to making the sequels, but of course, it all comes down to a decision from Warner Bros. The box office results will tell if they will greenlight a sequel as well as the response from critics and the audience. Luckily, the film has received positive responses from critics. It has also been out in several international markets where the box office results were a bit higher than what was projected. The North American box office will determine if a sequel could actually happen. Given that it will also be released the same day on HBO Max, it is difficult to tell if it will have theatrical success.

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Dune is set to be released in theaters in North America and on HBO Max on October 22.

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