Dune Star Explains Why Key Character was Genderbent

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We already know that Denis Villeneuve is making sure his adaptation of Dune is going to be as close to its source material as possible. However, that doesn't mean that the filmmaker has made some changes to some key characters featured in Frank Herbert's books. For instance, Dr. Liet Kynes has been genderbent and will be portrayed by Sharon Duncan-Brewster. Interestingly, the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actress had a cool explanation as to why a white character is being played by a black woman.

Duncan-Brewster's casting was confirmed in Variety's recent cover story on Dune and the actress revealed that Villeneuve intended for Kynes to be a woman right from the start.

"What Denis had stated to me was there was a lack of female characters in his cast, and he had always been very feminist, pro-women, and wanted to write the role for a woman," Duncan-Brewster said. She also explained that Kynes' role as a peacekeeper in Arrakis would make more sense if he was a woman.

"This human being manages to basically keep the peace amongst many people. Women are very good at that, so why can't Kynes be a woman? Why shouldn't Kynes be a woman?" Duncan-Brewster stated.

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Credit: Chiabella James/Warner Bros.

It's an interesting change that makes sense. In addition to that, Duncan-Brewster has already proven herself to be capable of such a role. With that in mind, we can't wait to see her version of Kynes in Dune.

Dune is scheduled for release on December 18.

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