Dune Nabs Multiple Wins at 2022 BAFTA Awards and Critics' Choice Awards

As we are in the middle of an intense awards season, Dune continues to win more awards, especially in the technical/craft categories. Yesterday, the science-fiction epic managed to grab the most number of wins at the BAFTA Awards and also grabbed multiple wins at the Critics Choice Awards hours later, adding to its momentum at the upcoming Academy Awards.

During the 75th BAFTA Awards, Dune has the most wins in the ceremony as it managed to triumph in five categories including Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Production Design, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects. Unfortunately, it didn't win in any major categories including the coveted Best Film prize which went to The Power of the Dog. Despite that, it is still an impressive record as they earned those five wins out of eleven nominations.

Hours later, in the 27th Critics' Choice Awards, Dune managed to grab three awards becoming the second-highest number of wins during the night tying with Belfast. The science-fiction epic won in categories such as Best Score, Best Production Design, and Best Visual Effects. It also didn't manage to win in any of the major categories including Best Picture which also went to The Power of the Dog, the film that has the most wins during the night.

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It is amazing that Dune continues to triumph in different awards ceremonies proving that it is one of the strongest contenders during the season. While it is not getting recognition in the major categories, it is getting a lot of key technical/craft awards which proved how the film is such an achievement and admired by the industry for its beautiful adaptation of the world created by Frank Herbert.

So what does it mean about its performance in the upcoming Academy Awards? Well, this is pretty much a sign that Dune will potentially win a lot of technical/craft categories as well in the vein of Mad Max: Fury Road a few years ago or back when the Lord of the Rings films were competing 20 years ago. Even if the film might not win in any of the major categories, Dune might still end up having a great night and celebrating multiple wins.

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Dune is currently available on demand. A sequel is also currently in the works with production set to begin later this year.

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