Dune Director Explains Why Watching Dune on Television is Like Driving a 'Speedboat in Your Bathtub'

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Denis Villeneuve's Dune movie was destined to be on a big screen, but Warner Bros. announced that it will debut on both HBO Max and in theaters along with the studio's other 2021 releases due to how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the movie industry. Of course, many filmmakers are conflicted about this strategy, and the Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 director is one of them.

Dune 2 movie
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Credit: Warner Bros

Dune is currently set to release in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22, but Villeneuve hopes that people will watch it in theaters because the film is made for the big screen experience.


"First of all, the enemy of cinema is the pandemic. That's the thing. We understand that the cinema industry is under tremendous pressure right now. That I get," Villeneuve explained to Total Film. "The way it happened, I'm still not happy. Frankly, to watch Dune on a television, the best way I can compare it is to drive a speedboat in your bathtub. For me, it's ridiculous. It's a movie that has been made as a tribute to the big-screen experience."

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Villeneuve's metaphor may sound silly, but that pretty much sums it up. Based on the trailers, it's clear that the director has crafted a film shot with the best cameras, scored with top-notched music, meant to be seen and experienced in the big screen. While most people will have the chance to experience it that way, if they choose, but because the "enemy of the cinema" a.k.a. COVID-19 is still restricting many theaters all over the world, the option to watch it on TV, i-Pad, laptops, and phones will still be there for those who don't feel safe watching it in theaters or those who don't have any open theaters near their homes.

Dune is scheduled to be released in theaters and HBOMax simultaneously on October 1, 2022, along with the studio's entire film slate for the year. Check out more details about Dune here.