Dune Alternate Trailer Puts the Focus on Paul Atreides' Mystery Box Experience

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There is little doubt that people are loving the first trailer for Dune that was released earlier this week. But did you know there was an alternate cut of the teaser that was actually screened exclusively in theaters during Tenet's cinematic run? Luckily, you can now watch the cinema-exclusive trailer that focuses on Paul Atreides and that mystery box.

Warner Bros. decided to release a Dune trailer to screen along with Tenet when the film got its theatrical run earlier in September. Interestingly, the said teaser has not been leaked online but the Warner Bros. Canada - Français YouTube channel decided to upload it recently. You can check it out below.

The teaser is dubbed in French so I can't tell you what they are talking about. However, if you have already seen the official trailer, you may have an idea of what Paul and the Reverend Mother are saying. In this particular scene, the Reverend Mother presents Paul with a test which requires him to keep his hand in the box and endure the horrible pain that awaits.

While the official trailer has more footage, fans are loving the alternate cut considering that it is darker and more mysterious. Personally, I love this one because of Han Zimmer's scoring that fits the teaser perfectly. With that in mind, we can't wait to hear more of Zimmer's score when the film is finally released at the end of the year.

Dune is still scheduled for release on December 18 but there is a possibility this could be changed. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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