Dune Action Figure Offers Best Look at Baron Harkonnen

The first trailer for Dune already gave fans some awesome glimpses at what to look forward to this December. We got an awesome tease at the massive sandworms that will appear in the sci-fi flick as well as the gorgeous yet terrifying landscape of Arrakis. However, we didn't really get a good look at the villainous Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who will be played by Stellan Skarsgaard. Luckily, a newly-unveiled action figure gives us an idea of what the baddie will look like in the Denis Villeneuve movie.

The new Dune action figure comes from McFarlane Toys and depicts Baron Harkonnen as he would appear in the film (via Super Hero Hype). The toy confirms that the head of House Harkonnen will be wearing a special suit that could help him stay mobile despite his hefty weight. Check it out below.

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Credit: McFarlane Toys

Ah, so that's what he looks like when he isn't enjoying a mud bath. It's not far from what we've already seen from the illustrations of Frank Herbert's works. Luckily, this version of the Baron doesn't seem to be suffering from the same skin condition as the one played by Kenneth McMillan in the David Lynch adaptation. On the other hand, that doesn't make him any less terrifying.

The Baron Harkonnen action figure is set to be larger than most toys and not just because the character is supposed to be a big guy. It is depicted as a 12-inch figure and has not yet been made available online. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Dune is currently scheduled for release on December 18.

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