Duchess Camilla Shock: Palace Reportedly Working On PR Operation To Boost Prince Charles' Wife's Popularity Before Prince Of Wales' Reign

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles' popularity is on the rise. According to royal biographer Omid Scobie, the palace has been working on the Duchess of Cornwall's public relations ahead of Prince Charles' reign.

Duchess Camilla Has Become More Popular Years After Affair With Prince Charles

Finding Freedom co-author Omid Scobie penned an article for Duchess Camilla ahead of her special day. The Duchess of Cornwall will celebrate her 75th birthday on July 17.

In the article, Scobie recounted how the public hated Camilla due to her affair with Prince Charles while he was married to Princess Diana. However, the royal biographer also acknowledged that the tide has turned after several years.

"Time has certainly helped move Camilla’s story on to what is now a life of service and royal duty," Scobie wrote in Yahoo! News.

The royal correspondent acknowledged how Camilla turned around her "unpopularity to become hugely loved by the nation." Even Scobie admitted that he enjoyed engagements with Camilla.

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"Peppered with jolly anecdotes about her friendly interactions with royal photographers and her 'sharp wit,' the articles are often so positive they read like advertorials," Scobie wrote. "For royal correspondents, the depictions aren’t far from true. Camilla’s eagerness to engage with and win over the press has made her a favourite member of the royal family for many to cover."

According to Scobie, the new polling data showed that Camilla has risen from the bottom to number eight on the list of most popular royals. Based on YouGov's poll, Duchess Camilla is more popular than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Behind The PR Operations For Duchess Camilla Ahead Of Her 75th Birthday

Scobie noted that there is a stark difference between press and public opinion, and it's down to the "result of a carefully orchestrated, behind-the-scenes PR rush." He noted that the members of the royals have their go-to media allies, and Camilla has reportedly exerted more effort than any other royals in winning over the influential British press.

According to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's biographer, Camilla has become allies with media figures and outlets that allegedly disrupted the lives of other royals, including Princess Diana, Princess Harry and herself. Camilla has a tight bond with Piers Morgan and Daily Mail.

"Camilla has been canny. She’s kept the media close and the Daily Mail even closer," former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said.

Scobie also mentioned Prince Charles hiring an editor from the Daily Mail, in which both Prince Harry and Markle had legal battles. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have won their case against the tabloid.

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Scobie said the PR stunt to improve Camilla's operation has been in the making for years. It was called "Operation PB" that helped Camilla shed Prince Charles' mistress image, so the public would reportedly soften on her.

The PR efforts continued from their low-key 2005 wedding. The duchess herself also has also worked hard and has gone beyond the expectations.

She used the "listen and learn" approach and made a significant impact on domestic violence, sexual abuse and literacy.


Scobie added that the PR push for Camilla has been in full swing this week ahead of her milestone birthday. Camilla has a major British Vogue photoshoot, will guest-edit Country Life magazine and has a primetime all-access documentary on July 13.

But for Scobie, the biggest boost to Camilla's popularity was when Queen Elizabeth announced that she would be a Queen Consort when Prince Charles takes over the throne. Her Majesty announced it on the eve of her 70th Ascension Day.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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