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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Panel Updates Its Jump Festa Roster

e toJump Festa, one of the biggest annual anime events, is happening in a few weeks, so expect major announcements for the biggest shonen franchises featured in the Weekly Shonen Jump publication, including titles like My Hero Academia, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, One Piece, Chainsaw Man, and of course, Dragon Ball Super. The convention will showcase panels for these popular anime shows. However, the panel for Dragon Ball Super has made a change that has some worried about the voice actor behind Goku.

Goku Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
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Credit: Toei Animation
Goku Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Twitter outlet DBS Chronicles has shared the sad news that Masako Nozawa, the 85-years-old voice actor who brought the voice of Goku to life since the 1980s, would not be able to attend the event in person, but instead will make a virtual appearance to share some details about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The 2021 Jump Festa will take place on December 19. The panel will most likely not just dive into Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Expect the panel to reveal new information about Dragon Ball Super, and other projects related to Akira Toriyama's popular franchise. Of course, fans are hoping that the studio will announce a new season of Dragon Ball Super.

In October, Nozawa was honored at the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival Award for her lifetime contributions to voice acting. In her pre-recorded speech, Nozawa thanked coworkers and fans.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to release in Japan in 2022. Toei Animation hasn't officially announced the theatrical release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but a release window may have been revealed.

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