Dragon Ball Super Reveals Condition to Make Granolah's Wish Come True

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70, The Universe's Greatest Warrior, is finally here! If you've seen the spoilers leaked earlier this week, you're probably wondering if Granolah's wish to become the strongest universe in the universe will come true, and what condition Shenron is talking about for the dragon to grant the Cerealian's wish.

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Credit: Shueisha / Viz Media

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 ahead.


At the end of the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Granolah uses the Dragon Balls to summon the dragon and make a wish to become the strongest warrior in the universe. The latest chapter reveals that in order to make this wish come true, there is one condition that Granolah must accept. Although the opening scene of Chapter 70 doesn't immediately reveal what that condition is, we later find out when Granolah reveals what he sacrificed to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

Granolah confronts the Heeters to ask them where he can find Frieza, so he can avenge his people as the sole survivor of the Cerealian race. After getting into a brawl against the members of the Heeters and telling them how he used the Dragon Balls to become acquire his incredible power, he reveals that he sacrificed his 150 remaining years, and the scene cuts to a flashack of the dragon telling him about the condition: "I am able to multiply your current strength by condensing any and all power you could have accumulated in your lifetime", so that means Granolah will only have three years left to live.

That's a huge sacrifice, and it shows his determination to kill Frieza so he can avenge his Cerealian race, but if you've read the chapter, you probably know that Elec's nefarious plan will most likely derail Granolah's revenge-driven mission.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 is scheduled to release on April 20, 2021.