Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Countdown

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New chapters of Akira Toriyama and Toyatarou's Dragon Ball Super are being released once a month, but rough preview drafts and spoiler details are being shared on social media before it comes out. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 will be released soon, so if you want to find out about its release date, time, and story details, be sure to check out the details below.

Credit: Shueisha / Viz Media

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 and 70 ahead.

Granolah the Survivor Saga of Dragon Ball Super is getting more interesting as the end of Chapter 69 revealed that the Granolah, the sole survivor of the Cerealian race, had asked the new version of Shenron to make him the strongest warrior in the universe. Now, fans want to find out if the dragon will grant Granolah's wish in Chapter 70, so if you're excited to find out when the next chapter will be released, or if you want to know what previews and plot details have been revealed so far, keep on reading. Note that we will update this page with more details as more information comes out so feel free to bookmark this article.

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 is scheduled to release on Friday, March 19, 2021.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 is expected to release at midnight JST on Friday, March 19.

If this release time is correct, the English translations for the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super should arrive online at the following times:

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Friday, March 19
Central Time: 11 AM on Friday, March 19
Eastern Time: Noon on Friday, March 19
British Time: 5 PM on Friday, March 19

Here's the countdown for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70:


What spoilers have been revealed for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70?

Credit: Toei Animation

Rough drafts for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 have been released, but just like many of these kind of draft previews in the past, there could be changes before the final version of the chapter is released. However, they reveal a good sense of what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

According to the rough drafts shared by @Herms98 on Twitter, the latest chapter will feature the dragon telling Granolah that he can only make him the best warrior in the universe "on one condition". Granolah accepts, and he transforms, but we don't know what that condition is.


Dragons summoned by the Dragon Balls don't usually ask for a condition, so it would be interesting to find out how this set of Dragon Balls will be different from what we're familiar with. The way this chapter makes the condition unknown to the reader also creates an intriguing mystery that will surely make fans speculate more about the future of Dragon Ball Super's story.

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70?

You can read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super on Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, but if you want English translations, you can read it on Viz Media.


Are you excited to read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70? Let us know your thoughts below, and if you have any details you want us to share about the upcoming chapter, feel free to message me on my Twitter.

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