Dragon Ball Super Fans Noticed 2 Major Manga Errors in Chapter 180

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In the Granolah the Survivor Arc of Dragon Ball Super, we've seen Vegeta go through major changes. The Saiyan Prince achieved a new transformation as a result of his training with god of destruction Beerus. However, Vegeta's new power-up couldn't save him from an error made by the manga's creators in the latest chapter that was released last week, Chapter 80: Gas vs. Granolah, Part 2.

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter by Akira Toriyama and artist Toyotarou mostly focused on Granolah's fight with the villainous Gas, and we get to see Gas's two transformations after Elec pushes his brother to his limits while Goku and Vegeta become more involved in the fight. The latest chapter also showed a flashback of Gas's fight with Goku's father Bardock forty years ago, and the Saiyans are trying to figure out how Bardock defeated Gas before, so they can take down the "Strongest Warrior in the Universe", and they better do it quickly because the Heeter has achieved his ultimate form.

Now, Twitter outlet DBS Chronicles pointed out the manga error from the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, which features Vegeta only having four fingers instead of five, as he and Goku become worried as they watch Gas continue to power-up during the epic battle in planet Cereal.

Fans also pointed out Bardock's lack of tail in the chapter, criticizing Toyotarou's work, but who knows? Maybe Gas might have ripped it off during their fight.

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According to one of the manga's editors at Shonen Jump, the Granolah The Survivor Arc is approaching its end, so the fight against Gas will most likely conclude soon, but hopefully, we'll see more of Granolah in future arcs.

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