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Dragon Ball Super Teases Goku's Ultimate Ultra Instinct Goal

The latest Dragon Ball Super movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, is coming to U.S. theateres this month, and if you've been keeping up with the monthly manga series by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, you already know that the Granolah the Survivor Arc is approaching its end. In the latest chapter, we've seen Granolah team-up with Goku and Vegeta to take down Gas of the Heeter Force. It turns out that the Dragon Ball Super artist knows what Goku's final goal for his Ultra Instinct transformation is going to be.

Ultra Instinct Goku Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: Toei Animation
Ultra Instinct Goku Dragon Ball Super

During a recent interview with Shueisha, manga artist Toyotarou was asked about Goku's powerful transformation, and he explained that the heroic Saiyan hasn't mastered the ability to unleash the Ultra Instinct form unconsciously.

"For example, Whis is able to constantly use Ultra Instinct without any special transformation. So if you can stay in the Ultra Instinct state at all times, whether you're asleep or awake, that would be optimal. I want fans to see that Goku is getting closer to that level," Toyotarou explained.

In recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is able to unleash the Ultra Instinct form against Gas, and although he's able to punish the powerful villain, his power was not enough to take him down.The Saiyan's Ultra Instinct Sign form made its debut while fighting Jiren in the Tournament of Power before he's able to unleash the complete version with the silver-white hair. At this point, there's a variety of ways Goku can tap into this powerful state, but none of them are considered "mastered". Goku will only be able to achieve this final Ultra Instinct form if he's able to master using Ultra Instinct at all times.

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