Dragon Ball Super Reveals Bardock's Surprising Connection to The Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83: Bardock vs. Gas Part 2 has finally arrived, and it continues the flashback revealing the intense fight between Bardock, the father of Goku, and Gas of the villainous Heeters family forty years ago in Planet Cereal. In listening to the recording of Bardock's fight, Goku (and we the readers) also discover that Bardock had his own secret connection to the Dragon Balls.

(Warning: Spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 ahead)

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Bardock doesn't hold back in his fight against Gas, but the powerful villain is not easy to stop. While the Saiyan struggles to battle Gas, the last surviving Namekian of Planet Cereal, Monaito, uses the two Dragon Balls in his possession to make a wish that could save Goku's father.

Initially, Monaito wants to use the Dragon Balls to wish Bardock back to his home planet, but when the great dragon Toronbo shows up before Bardock to request permission for the transport home, Bardock refuses. Bardock doesn't want to abandon Monaito and Granolah,

Monaito asks Bardock to flee, but Bardock won't back down. Instead of using the wish for himself, Bardock makes a different wish: "I'd wish that my sons end up thriving". Monaito makes the wish, and Bardock goes on to finish the battle and win on his own terms.

With this revelation, the latest chapter changes the core mythology surrounding the protagonist of Akira Toriyama's shonen series. Now, we know that Goku literally had mystic forces behind him, guiding him, all along. Goku's evolution and safety was one of the legacy gifts Bardock gave to his son.

Now that the flashback appears to conclude at the end of this chapter, it's likely that the next chapter will take us back to the present, and it's likely that this revelation will have major implications in Goku's current fight with Gas. It looks like the Granolah the Survivor Arc is approaching its end, but the heroic Saiyan still needs to defeat the Strongest Warrior in the Universe.

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