Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Reveals Granolah's New Power

Shueisha and VizMedia recently released Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73: Goku vs. Granolah, and it continues the intense fight between our favorite heroic Saiyan and the lone Cerealian survivor, a.k.a. the "Greatest Warrior in the Universe". The fast-paced, action-packed chapter highlights the powers of the two fighters as they unleash their attacks, but Granolah has unveiled a surprising new power at the end.

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Credit: Shueisha

Warning: Major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 ahead.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 didn't waste time with heavy exposition and dialogue; it was almost pure action with Goku and Granolah testing each other's strengths, with Goku even trying to combine his Super Saiyan form with Ultra Instinct while Granolah managing to endure the Saiyan's powerful attacks. However, while it looks like Goku has the upper-hand, Granolah reveals one surprising trick out of his sleeve: It turns out that the body Goku's been fighting is not Granolah's real body but actually a clone that he created by splitting his power. He decided to do this to preserve his strength against Freeza.

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While at his clone form, he manages to find an opening and strike Goku with a deadly blow on his breast, knocking him down. However, the battle is not over yet, as the Saiyan Prince himself, Vegeta, rises up to challenge Granolah while Goku is down.
Will Vegeta be able to take down Granolah, or will he suffer the same pain as Goku?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will be released on July 20, 2021.

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