Dragon Ball Super Artist Explains How Beerus Influences Vegeta's Ultra Ego Form

Dragon Ball Super is getting ready to hype fans with more content for Akira Toriyama's popular shonen franchise this month. In addition to the new manga chapter arriving soon, there will also be a special panel for Dragon Ball Super at one of the biggest annual anime events, Jump Festa 2021. Fans are also wondering if Vegeta's Ultra Ego form will reappear in this month's chapter of the manga. Even Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotarou is willing to bring back the powerful transformation. During a recent interview, the mangaka explained how Beerus influenced Ultra Ego.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus
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Credit: Shueisha
Dragon Ball Super Beerus

The official website of Dragon Ball shared a new interview with Toyotarou, who works closely with series creator Akira Toriyama. The artist was asked about Ultra Ego, and he confirmed that he wanted the transformation to reflect the aesthetic of Beerus.

"That's right. I was. Ultra Instinct is a technique of the angels, but Ego is different – it is a technique used by the Gods of Destruction. So fundamentally, I was trying to capture Beerus' essence," Toyotarou said. "Either way, I envisioned how Vegeta would look like if you incorporated a little of Beerus' design."

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Fans who have seen Vegeta's Ultra Ego form could easily see the God of Destruction's influence. Vegeta bulks up similarly to Beerus in his Ultra Ego form, and his brows look more pronounced. Vegeta also becomes more chaotic with Ultra Ego, reminding us of what Beerus is all about.

Toyotarou also recently discussed the origins of Ultra Ego:

"The original Japanese words for 'Instinct' and 'Ego' are similar, but depending on the kanji, or the reading, Instinct becomes 'Your body moves on your own,' right? So that's Ultra Instinct," Toyotarou explained (as translated by DBSChronicles), "On the other hand, even though the Japanese for 'Ego' is similar to 'Instinct' if you look closely at the kanji, you could explain it as, 'Doing as you please,' right? In short, it's the difference between 'your body moving freely' and 'moving your body freely.'"

The Dragon Ball Super panel at Jump Festa 2021 will begin on Dec. 18, and it's expected to reveal our first official look at Vegeta's Ultra Ego form in color.

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