Dragon Ball Super: Akira Toriyama's Tournament of Power Plans Revealed

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The Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super's Universe Survival arc is the biggest fighting competition we've seen in the series, but it turns out that Akira Toriyama's original plans are in some ways different from what fans have seen in the current arc.

Director Ryota Nakamura and producer Satoru Takami were recently interviewed about the series, and the most interesting part of that interview is the part when they revealed how Toriyama originally planned the Tournament of Power.

Translator Todd Blankenship listed the information on Twitter:

Here are some highlights from the bullet points above:

> The original Tournament of Power would have "80 people fighting in a jumble".
> Since Toriyama didn't initially provide more information about Jiren's personality, the anime staff suggested Toriyama that Jiren would be a talkative character but he told them that "he doesn't speak."
> Toriyama designed Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo but the rest of the Pride Troopers were designed by the anime staff.
> Caulifa and Kale were not included in Toriyama's original draft. After the anime staff created Kale, Toriyama designed Caulifa to go along with her.
> Toriyama included the main outcomes of the Tournament of Power in the original draft, including who eliminates the characters, and the battle between Universe 7 and 11.
> According to Takami, Toriyama might be setting be setting up further stories with the ending of the Universe Survival arc.

It sounds like the ending of Dragon Ball Super's current arc will leave us with a cliff-hanger or some sort of set-up for the next arc. Perhaps the 20th Dragon Ball film, which is said to be a continuation of the anime series, will focus on a greater cosmic threat and act as a bridge to a new arc. Frieza will probably play a major role after the current arc, and I'm excited to see what Toriyama has planned for his epic series.

Dragon Ball Super is set to air on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami still airs the English dub of Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. It's also available to stream on FunimationNOW and Amazon.

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