Dragon Ball Super 75 Preview Reveals The Power of Vegeta's God of Destruction Form

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 will be released next week, and fans are excited to see how Vegeta will show Granolah the true power of his God of Destruction form. Now, the first previews are out to get us hyped for the upcoming chapter.

Vegeta God of Destruction
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Credit: Shueisha

Over on Twitter, Herms98 shared the rough sketch of pages from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, titled A God of Destruction's Power. As expected, Vegeta now has the upper-hand in this fight as Granolah is seen struggling to match Vegeta's incredible speed. These sketches are likely from the first few pages of the upcoming chapter. Vegeta just looks battle-crazed and relentless.

According to the English translations, Granolah tells him, "What do you mean your power has no limit?!", to which Vegeta reponds, "You've really gotten cocky! Get ready, because now I'm going to get rough with you!".

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Herms98 talked about what Vegeta's words mean here: "Vegeta's line here literally means to treat someone tenderly, but in battle manga and the like is often sarcastically used to mean the exact opposite. A parody of this usage appeared in the Namek arc, with Jeice over-explaining the joke."

It's likely that we haven't seen the full power of Vegeta's new God of Destruction form yet, and I doubt that the battle against Granolah will conclude in the next chapter. We might also see Goku interferere in this match. There's also the possibility of Freeza and the Heeters showing up at one point in the Granolah the Survivor arc.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, written and illustrated by Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama, will be released on Aug. 18.