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Dragon Ball Unveils New Cover Art by Akira Amano of Hitman Reborn

Dragon Ball Super manga is set to return with a new arc that will center on the events that happened before the revival of the Red Ribbon Army in the shonen's latest film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, featuring Goten and Trunks in the story. While Shueisha and the official Dragon Ball website haven't announced a release date for the next manga chapter yet, next month's Jump Festa event will likely reveal moreo details about the next arc.

For now, fans can check out the upcoming Dragon Ball cover illustrated by Akira Amano of Hitman Reborn. The new cover will be released as part of the 40th-anniversary celebration of the original shonen series by Akira Toriyama.

If you're familiar with Kateyo Hitman Reborn, you'd notice that Amano's take on Dragon Ball is similar to the aesthetic of his series. Just in case you're not familiar with Kateyo Hitman Reborn, here's an official synopsis:

"Tsuna, a timid junior high student, is a failure at school, sports, and social life. But everything around Tsuna has been completely changed when a baby called Reborn, who claims to be an Italian hitman from Vongola family shows up! Reborn was sent to groom Tsuna for his future life as a mafia boss of the family!"

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Jump Festa will take place on Dec. 17 to 19.

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