New Dragon Ball Anime Gets First Synopsis

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While not officially part of the canon, there is plenty of excitement surrounding the Dragon Ball Heroes anime. This special series is based on the arcade game in Japan, which has had plenty of fanservice moments like Super Saiyan 4 Gohan and other unheard of transformations. Fans will be happy to know that this anime now has a synopsis and it sounds insane, just like the card-based arcade game.

The first synopsis was released on the official website, which fans can now read thanks to a fan translation. Said synopsis confirms that the first episode will tackle the Prison Planet arc, one of the more recent arcs that the arcade game handled. It also features Fu, who should be familiar to those that played Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


Fu has captured Future Trunks and if the promotional art is anything to go by, we will be getting Dragon Ball Super vs Dragon Ball GT. Fans have always debated about Super Saiyan Blue vs Super Saiyan 4, so seeing these forms of Goku duke it out against each other should be crazy.

Unlike Super, there doesn't seem to be any plans to debut Dragon Ball Heroes in the West. In fact, Toei Animation won't even be showing this on television and it seems like the series will be online only, though the first episode is going to be shown off in a special event this July.

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