Doom Patrol Season 2 will Simulcast on HBO Max and DC Universe

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Titans might have been the first DC Universe series to come out but it seems like Doom Patrol is the streaming service's best show. Fans love how these quirky characters were brought to life and the fact that it's weirder than any other form of superhero media out there, truly making a big statement. With Doom Patrol Season 2 coming out soon, Warner Bros has decided to make the show simulcast on DC Universe and HBO Max.

Confirmed by the official HBO Max Twitter account, the move towards a simulcast has probably been planned for quite a while. The original teaser for HBO Max did show off Doom Patrol, which had a lot of DC Universe fans wondering if they would lose their favorite show. Thankfully, that doesn't appear to be the case but it seems like the two will eventually merge sooner or later.


For now, we should probably celebrate the fact that the Doom Patrol is getting so much love right now. The series has always been seen as a more obscure version of X-Men but this new DC Universe show has put a big spotlight on these characters, something many comic book fans thought would never happen.

Doom Patrol Season 1 can currently be streamed on DC Universe but will likely be available on HBO Max when the service debuts in 2020.

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