Doom Patrol Casts The First Purge Actor as Cyborg

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As fans wait for the DC Universe streaming service to launch, along with the Titans show, the people in the company are already working on Doom Patrol. The series will be a spin-off from Titans and those characters will get an episode dedicated to them before their series premieres. Reports claimed that Justice League and Teen Titans member Cyborg would be in the group and DC has confirmed that by announcing who will play him.

Joivan Wade, who appeared in The First Purge, will be playing this version of Vic Stone, so we know this won't be canon with the DCEU. His version of the character, as described by DC, is a charming and sarcastic hero. This should please fans of the Teen Titans cartoon since this does match his description there.

The announcement didn't cover how relevant Cyborg would be to Doom Patrol, so it's not clear if he will be a series regular or a recurring character, though it will likely be the latter. Apparently, he will be the one to form the group, which is a neat twist. Why he isn't in Titans is a bit odd since the character is so affiliated with the group, more so than he is with the Justice League at least.

Doom Patrol doesn't have a release date yet but will likely debut in 2019 with 13 episodes.

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