Doom: Annihilation Teaser Reveals Soul-Sucking Demons

What could possibly go wrong when you send a team of scientists to Mars? Well, just about everything. The new teaser for Doom: Annihilation reveals that there are demons out there and they want to eat your soul.

The teaser opens with a spaceship arriving on Mars and it already looks like everyone who has been sent to the Red Planet is in a bad mood. It's almost like they know this is a bad idea and it turns out that they're absolutely right. Soon, a strange creature leaps out of the darkness and begins attacking people left and right.

One ugly demon should be bad enough but of course, there's more. Soon, the humans have to take on hundreds of these creatures that aren't simply satisfied with tearing them to pieces. At one point, an unfortunate woman is shown being pinned down by the monster as it sucks her soul out.

Doom: Annihilation isn't the first movie based on the popular id Software games but it certainly looks like a lot of fun. Although you won't find Karl Urban or Dwayne Johnson here (they were both in the 2005 film), the demons are looking good and we can't wait to see them in action.

The film synopsis reads as follows:

"On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe. Considered to be mankind's greatest discovery, it's actually a gateway from hell, unleashing a swarm of demons looking to steal the souls of everyone who gets in their way. It's up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an elite unit of Marines to destroy an ever-growing horde of bloodsucking and soul-stealing beasts and prevent them from taking over planet Earth."

Doom: Annihilation is directed by Tony Giglio and will be released by Universal 1440 Entertainment. It will be available on video on October 1.

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