Don't Expect a Daredevil MCU Film

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Now that Daredevil has been canceled by Netflix, most fans wondered if the show would get picked up by Disney when they release the Disney+ streaming service next year. However, there are a few fans who probably suggested that Marvel release an MCU film based on the popular comic book character, which wouldn't be too bad given how prestigious Marvel Studios are these days.

However, a report from Deadline was quick to shut these reports down, claiming that an MCU film isn't in Disney's plans right now. While somewhat expected, it's a bit disappointing to know that Marvel still separates their shows and movies like this since it would be neat seeing the tv characters interact with the heroes that appear in the movies.


Then again, this might have to do with the last Daredevil movie that came out, which nobody liked at all. While it does have a few defenders (hehe), most would say that it was a mediocre superhero movie that tried too hard to be gritty and didn't do enough to be good. There are those who say that the Director's Cut of the film is better but eh.

It would also be hard to film this since those in production will have to balance reintroducing these characters to fans who watched the show and making the movie accessible for those that haven't seen the Netflix series. This wouldn't be an impossible feat but it wouldn't be too fun.

Daredevil can still be streamed on Netflix.

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