Donald Glover On What It Was Like Dressing Like Lando In Solo: A Star Wars Story

It probably takes a lot of work becoming just a suave and stylish as Billy Dee William's Lando.

Speaking with fans in a recent Q and A session on Twitter, Solo: A Star Wars Story actor Donald Glover reveals what it's like to don the ever smooth Lando Calrissian's cape for the very first time.

According to Lucasfilm's young Lando, putting on the debonair gambler's costume was nothing but short of "beautiful."

"It was really great," Glover said in front of the camera during the Q and A session. "The cape was like the best part because you're waiting for the cape the entire time, but it was a really great feeling. And it looked so different but also the same as Lando always was so yeah, I think it was beautiful."

Glover's answer doesn't come as quite a surprise for Star Wars fans who've known Lando since he appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. Lando became an easy favorite with his dashing savvy and his impeccable taste. The smuggler stood out not just because he was the first main character of color in the original Star Wars trilogy but also because of his irrepressible style. A lot of fans have named Lando one of the best-dressed characters in the franchise, and in previous interviews, Glover's called the smuggler one of the best-dressed in Lucasfilm's upcoming Star Wars spinoff.

We can't wait to see Glover's young Lando when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres on May 25.

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