08 Nov 2018 11:29 AM +00:00 UTC

Domino's Shows Off Its Clever 'AKIRA' Ad

Domino's just used one of the most iconic anime films to advertise its pizza with a clever ad, and fans of Katsuhiro Otomo's classic cyberpunk anime/manga would love it.

Over on Facebook, Domino's has posted an ad that features artwork inspired by Akira's famous poster with Shotaro Kaneda approaching his motorcycle. The Domino's version features a delivery guy instead and the motorcycle is blue instead of red but it still looks pretty cyberpunk. Check it out:

"It is time to awaken your powers," the ad's caption reads. "Today, let's celebrate the Day of Anime together!"

The special advert was shared as a way to celebrate the unofficial anime holiday in Mexico. Day of Anime is November 3, so Domino's showed off its otaku roots with this clever ad to join the fun.

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