Does The New Captain Marvel Trailer Reveal Carol's Kree Name?

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The second Captain Marvel trailer blew away expectations, showing that Carol Danvers is going to be a powerhouse who takes on ninja grandmas that are secretly Skrulls. Both trailers have done a great job at hinting Carol's origin, whilst also showing just how strong she is going to be. However, thanks to a few juicy images, fans are now wondering if the trailer inadvertently showed us what Carol's Kree name is going to be.

We know that Carol has been in the Kree for some time and is now trying to find out about her Earthly origins, being half-human and all that. One notable shot has her looking at her broken name tag that cuts short at CAROL DA, making a lot of fans wonder if her Kree name has something to do with Vers since her last name is Danvers.

It's also worth noting that the film's line of Funko Pops have revealed Carol in her green Kree uniform with the name VERS, essentially confirming that it is her alien name. This is kind of weird since most of the Kree have names that usually consist of two or more syllables, like Mar-Vell or Minn-Erva. Who knows at this point?


Still, it will be interesting to see why they keep that name for her and if it leads to any cool moments within the movie. Fans already love how the helmet looks in the movie and how transitioning to her helmet-less look uses CGI in a neat way. Seems like Marvel has another hit on their hands.

Captain Marvel comes out on March 8, 2019.


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