Does Jaskier Betray Geralt in The Witcher Season 3?

Jaskier looking down
Credit: Netflix

Jaskier looking down
Credit: Netflix

There have been theories suggesting that Jaskier will betray Geralt in The Witcher Season 3 after it was revealed that Dijkstra is Jaskier’s secret benefactor in The Witcher Season 2.

In The Witcher Season 2, Jaskier becomes the “Sandpiper”, someone who has been providing elves with safe travel to Cintra. We learn that Jaskier has a secret benefactor that has been helping him, and now he owes him a favor.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich revealed in an interview with Variety that “Jaskier is the bard that Dijkstra is talking about” when the mage said that he needs to call in a favor with “a certain bard.”

Dijkstra doesn't like Geralt, and it is his goal to have his king marry Ciri. So, Dijkstra’s favor may have something to do with Jaskier’s connection to Geralt and Ciri, and Jaskier may be in a position where he would be forced to betray his close friend Geralt.

So, does Jaskier betray Geralt in The Witcher Season 3?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Witcher Season 3. Read at your own risk!

Jaskier’s Role in The Witcher Season 3 Explained

Jaskier worried
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Jaskier remains close with Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. He helps them in their plan to draw Rience out and set up a trap for him.

Jaskier helps in the battle at Shaerrawedd and even sustains an injury from an arrow. Later on, Jaskier assists Geralt when he goes to Anika to get help for Teryn.

Jaskier also watches over Ciri while Geralt and Yennefer attend the Thanedd ball. In The Witcher Season 3, while Geralt and Yennefer play the role of Ciri’s parents, Jaskier is the fun uncle.

Jaskier is part of their found family, and he has gotten closer to Ciri in Season 3. However, Jaskier also gets involved in the politics of the Continent.

This is due to his ties to Redania, with Dijkstra being his secret benefactor in The Witcher Season 2. Everyone’s after Ciri, including Dijkstra and Philippa.

Because of Jaskier’s connections to Redania, as well as with Geralt and Ciri, Jaskier is placed in a tough position where he may be forced to betray his close friend.

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Does Jaskier Betray Geralt?

Jaskier secretly talking to Philippa and Radovid
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Jaskier’s decision to deliver Ciri to Redania on the condition that they would get rid of Rience might be seen as a betrayal by Geralt.

But despite Jaskier's debt to Dijkstra and his romance with Radovid, Jaskier chooses not to give Ciri to Redania in The Witcher Season 3 Part 2.

It can be recalled that in The Witcher Season 3 Part 1, Jaskier is confronted by Philippa who says that she and Dijkstra invested a lot in his operations and got nothing in return.

She then says that she and Dijkstra are ready to cut him loose. Prince Radovid tries a different approach.

He says that he has always wanted to meet Jaskier in person and that “Song of the Seven” is his favorite.

Radovid convinces Jaskier that Redania is Ciri’s “least bad option.” Ciri has enemies everywhere, and according to Radovid, Redania is not a bad place and his brother is not bad as monarchs go.

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Jaskier talking inside a carriage
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Radovid adds that Jaskier could be their royal bard. Philippa then threatens Jaskier, saying that they will “single-handedly undo every good deed you have done for the elves” if he does not deliver Ciri to them.

Later on, after witnessing the battle at Shaerrawedd, Jaskier agrees to deliver Ciri. He says that Ciri is in danger, and so are the people around her – people that he loves.

Jaskier says that Redania could be a place where Ciri would be safe, but before taking her to them, Redania would need to get rid of Rience. And once they do so, they will have earned his trust, as well as Ciri’s and Geralt’s.

Jaskier doesn’t have any bad intentions in doing so; in fact, he did it out of love and concern for Ciri. However, his decision may be seen as a betrayal by Geralt.

Jaskier and Geralt talking in a forest
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Credit: Netflix
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Later on, Jaskier reveals to Geralt that Dijkstra wanted him to convince the White Wolf to take Ciri to Redania.

Jaskier says that he agrees with Dijkstra because Ciri would be safe with an entire army at her back. Geralt disagrees, saying that Ciri would be “nothing more than a brood mare on the Cintran throne.”

Jaskier responds that Ciri is a princess and that’s what princesses do. Geralt says that Ciri does not want to be a political pawn for Vizimir and Dijkstra and that they should stay the course.

However, Jaskier emphasizes that Ciri is not a Witcher or an Aretuzan witch, but a princess.

Despite his opinions, Jaskier chooses not to give Ciri to Redania in The Witcher Season 3 Part 2. In the sixth episode, he catches Radovid trying to "kidnap a young woman under my care whilst I slept."

Radovid tries to convince Jaskier that things would be easier if Ciri would come to Redania. But Jaskier refuses and proceeds to find Ciri.

Later on, when Jaskier and Radovid see each other again, Radovid tells Jaskier to come with him, but Jaskier chooses to find his family.

Jaskier then finds Geralt at Brokilon and stays with him until the end of the season. We last see Jaskier in Season 3 by the side of Geralt.

So, in The Witcher Season 3 Part 2, we see that Jaskier chooses his found family. Jaskier's love for his family is made clear throughout the season.

He agrees to act as bait to lure Rience. He does what he can to protect Ciri. He's relieved when he sees Yennefer after the Thanedd coup. He journeys with Geralt to find Ciri.

With Jaskier staying by the side of Geralt at the end of Season 3, we can hope to see more of Geralt and Jaskier's friendship in The Witcher Season 4.

However, even with Rience gone, Jaskier still does owe a favor to Dijkstra. Jaskier could also find himself involved with Redania's politics, especially with Radovid becoming king.

So, Jaskier's storyline in The Witcher Season 4 is something to look forward to.

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