Invincible: Does Atom Eve Die in the Series?

Atom Eve from Invincible
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Atom Eve from Invincible
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Invincible Season 2 just returned on Amazon Prime and one of the grittiest questions fans of the show may be asking is does Atom Eve die in the series?

Does Atom Eve Die in the Invincible Series?

Superhero-centered series are usually focused on the journey of our titular heroes and how they can solve and overcome every obstacle that may come their way.

The Invincible series is based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, and in a special episode titled Invincible: Atom Eve, the series got to introduce the titular hero starting as Samantha Eve Wilkins.

Her superpowers come from transmuting and reconfiguring molecules and atoms of any physical matter into anything else she might deem more useful to her battles. So, don't think about trying to throw anything in her way.

She was specifically designed as government property, after all. A destructive weapon for humans to utilize for their own accords.

Despite how versatile she and her powers may appear, though, Atom Eve is, above all, still human, which makes her much more vulnerable than she seems if she's not careful.

What limits her powers is exactly what could lead to her death. When Atom Eve was created, her creator inflicted a 'mental block' state. This limits Atom Eve's use of her powers on organic matter.

The only way she can ever use her powers and override the system is by nearly dying, which explains how she could die in Invincible.

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Atom Eve's Major Role in Invincible Explained

Atom Eve's role is a larger feat than you might realize in the Invincible series.

Not only is she technically a multiversal hero in the state of the superpowers bestowed upon her, but she is also one of the potential love interests Mark Grayson aka Invincible has lined up in both the comic series and TV show.

Atom Eve and Invincible are destined to end up together as though they were soulmates. Their ending involves raising a family together, in spite of the bumps on the roads heading their relationship.

However, it remains clear that Atom Eve will not be facing the tragedy of her death quite so soon. Yet. Especially considering that she had only been recently introduced in the show.

This would likely set up a bigger role for her in Invincible since she's also involved with the overarching storyline of the Vultremite War.

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