Doctor Who Season 14 Finale is Inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Showrunner Reveals

Ncuti Gatwa as Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who season 14 finale
Credit: BBC

Ncuti Gatwa as Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who season 14 finale
Credit: BBC

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies recently revealed that the season 14 finale is inspired by a Star Wars sequel trilogy movie.

The hit British series recently ended its fourteenth season with the reveal that Ruby Sunday's long-lost parents are ordinary people. It also sets up the next season which will continue Ncuti Gatwa's tenure as the Fifteenth Doctor.

As it turns out, the reveal regarding Ruby Sunday's parentage was inspired by a divisive entry in the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Inspired Doctor Who Season 14 Finale

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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Credit: Lucasfilm

In his commentary for the Doctor Who season 14 finale titled "Empire of Death," Davies revealed that the Ruby Sunday reveal was inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Particularly, he took inspiration from the film's reveal regarding Rey's parentage which turns out to be "nobodies" (although it was retconned in The Rise of Skywalker).

"This is kind of my reaction to [that film]. The second film said that [Rey] was nothing special, there was nothing special about her parentage… She was just… an ordinary person with the Force. I really loved the version where she wasn't special. When she's ordinary," the showrunner said.

"She's not the daughter of Sutekh. She's not the daughter of the Time Lords or Rassilon or something like that. Her mum is Louise Miller, who was 15 years old and pregnant, from a dangerous, abusive home, and left her child on the doorstep. Because I think it's a better story."

Whether you like The Last Jedi or not, it is pretty clear that the film has made an impact since its release as it showed that you can subvert the storytelling while still honoring the franchise's legacy.

Rey's parentage reveal in The Last Jedi also showed that heroes don't need to come from a well-known family line and they can just simply be a nobody. Unfortunately for some fans, it quickly reversed in the following film. Still, it is a great idea of what a hero can be and it still impacts storytelling today.

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