Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Wrote A Letter To A Young Fan Who Didn’t Want To See Him Leave The Show

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This year saw Peter Capaldi eventually end his run as the Doctor on Doctor Who with Jodi Whitaker replacing him. The regeneration is done, but some young fans still weren't ready to see Capaldi go—particularly 9-year-old David McGilloway. Capaldi has written this cute letter for David, and it's so wonderfully kooky, the Doctor would have written it himself.

Check it out:

Capaldi's run as the Doctor started back in 2013, and 40 episodes later, he's finally handing off the reins to Jodi Whitaker's Doctor. As it currently stands, the modern Doctor with the most episodes under his belt is David Tenant who did 47 episodes in 5 years; the shortest in Christopher Eccleston who only did 13 episodes in 2005.

So far, reception has been mixed with the arrival of Jodi Whitaker. Being the first female Doctor, a lot of backlash at whether this was purely a creative choice or the show's way of being "SJW." I say let's give Whitaker a chance. After all, every fan's appreciation of a new Doctor always starts with a rocky road.

Whitaker's first adventure as the Doctor is expected to come out late 2018.


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