Doctor Who: The Tragic Ending of Donna Noble Might Save Her in the Anniversary Special

Donna Noble loses her memories
Credit: BBC

Donna Noble loses her memories
Credit: BBC

Donna Noble is returning in the 60th-anniversary special of Doctor Who, but before we delve in once the short series drops in November, here's a little recap of what happened to Donna Noble in the series.

When it comes to the Doctor's companions, Catherine Tate's remarkable performance as Donna Noble is one of the top women that sticks in the minds of Whovians.

There's no doubt why the Doctor Who anniversary special plans on reuniting her with David Tennant's Doctor, considering it's been high time they do.

Donna Noble's Doctor Who Ending Explained

Donna Noble reunites with the Doctor
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Credit: BBC

As the most iconic duo returns to the beloved sci-fi series, Doctor Who, the Fourteenth Doctor's regeneration reverted him into the Tenth Doctor's form, aka David Tennant's role.

While this isn't his first time reprising his titular character, this marks the bigger chess piece Donna Noble will have to play in the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special.

Here's a little recap, though: what happened to Donna and the Doctor the last time they saw each other?

Well, we do know that the Doctor had to wipe Donna's memories of him, but the question remains, why? The Doctor never did that with Rose Tyler or even with Martha Jones. So, why Donna?

Why the Doctor Had To Make Donna Forget About Him

Donna has always been special. Out of the blue, she appeared right in the TARDIS on the day of her wedding, even though the Tenth Doctor didn't exactly call for her. The show always depicted them as though they were destined to meet.

However, the reason the Doctor had to wipe her memories lies in keeping her safe (it always is).

When Donna accidentally touched the Tenth Doctor's hand, she gained the Time Lord's vast knowledge about the universe. As exciting as that sounds, it endangers her life more than you think.

The Doctor's knowledge was declared as being too overwhelming for the average human brain to process, which could lead to frying up her brain and killing her in the process.

And it is exactly then and there that he had to make her forget about him and the adventures they've been through.

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Could Donna Noble Get Her Memories Back in the Anniversary Special?

The official trailer of the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special implies that the Doctor's reuniting with Donna is more than an expository plotline in the three-episode run.

The Doctor is coming back, but it's not going to be easy avoiding his fateful encounter with Donna, especially since the very face she last saw him in is going to potentially bring back some memories of the past.

Now, the anniversary special lasts for three episodes and starts streaming on Disney Plus on November 25th, which gives enough time for the whole Doctor and Donna storyline to wrap up or leave fans on a cliffhanger yet again.

But one thing's for sure, as the trailer teased, Donna Noble is once again entangled with the Doctor's mission and has to help him stop the world from reaching its impending doom.

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