Doctor Strange Helmer Scott Derrickson's Favorite Comic Book Film is DC's Watchmen

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Scott Derrickson is the man behind one of the most visually dazzling MCU movies to date: Doctor Strange, but his choice for favorite comic book movie falls under the DC banner. Though it's always been bashed by the fanbase, Derrickson's favorite comic book film as of today is still Zack Snyder's Watchmen.

Derrickson shares:


Though Snyder did make Watchmen as close as he could to the Alan Moore comic, the film still gets bashed by some "true fans" of the comic. I'll admit the film can be kind of a chore to watch, but the scenes are so wonderfully adapted into the screen, and performances from everyone in the cast are spot-on.

With the MCU films admittedly too PG for people with more adult tastes, Watchmen still manages to bring something more mature to the superhero genre. Coming out during a time where superhero movies were still a bit scarce, some people consider to the film to be "ahead of its time."


For now, we don't know what Snyder is up to, but it seems like Derrickson is currently attached to helming the Doctor Strange sequel. We have no news on the official plot, but rumor has it that Strange will be travelling to the Nightmare Dimension this time around. I'm just hoping they bring back Mads Mikkelsen as a better villain.

No release date has been announced for Doctor Strange 2.

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