29 Aug 2018 11:00 AM +00:00 UTC

Doctor Strange Gets A Japanese Anime Style Intro

Image: Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Japanese anime shows have a lot in common. They're both have powerful characters, action-packed scenes, and they have awesome fights. However, there are some cool elements in anime that are missing in the MCU like the iconic intros with unforgettable upbeat music that makes fans hyped to see the whole show. 

Now, YouTuber Diego Emilio Aguilar García made a Japanese anime style intro for Marvel's Doctor Strange and it's a blast to watch. Check it out: 

If you're an anime fan, you'd notice the similar energetic style that we see in the intros of various anime titles, particularly shonen genres, and this video nailed it. The Japanese rock music fits well with the bizarre visuals of Doctor Strange. This makes me want to see an anime series set in the Marvel universe. 

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