Do Seiichi and Saria End Up Together in The Fruit of Evolution?

Do Seiichi and Saria End Up Together in The Fruit of Evolution?

Do Seiichi and Saria End Up Together in The Fruit of Evolution?

When Seiichi and Saria first met, she immediately proposed to him. Seiichi agreed to the idea, thinking that the female gorilla would be a great asset to his survival. But do Seiichi and Saria end up together in The Fruit of Evolution, or will he fall in love with another character along the way?

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Who Are Seiichi’s Love Interests?

Who are Seiichi’s Love Interests?
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The Fruit of Evolution is a harem anime, which means the male protagonist, Seiichi, is surrounded by various female characters who are attracted to him. In Seiichi's case, he has Saria, Louise, Altria Grem, Lulunne, Kannazuki Karen, and Seito Airi.

These characters are attracted to him and already engaged with him. It is still unclear how many wives he can have in the fantasy world, but it seems like these women do not mind as long as they are with him.

Seiichi’s harem continues even in the isekai and romance anime's second season. There is a huge chance that the number of female characters interested in him will continue to grow as the story progresses.

The question now is, who will he choose in the end?

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Do Seiichi and Saria End Up Together?

Do Seiichi and Saria End Up Together?
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Saria is the first female character who joins Seiichi’s adventure. When the two of them met, she immediately proposed, and he accepted. Many fans consider Saria as Seiichi’s wife, but this has not been officially confirmed yet.

What we do know so far is that Seiichi cares about Saria a lot. Her smile and greetings make him happy.

She can make him feel better and remove his worries, and among all the female characters, Saria is the closest to him.

It is also hard to tell if the two will end up together, considering the number of other female characters Seiichi is engaged with.

He might be closest to her now but there might be a new character in the upcoming volumes that will change Saria and Seiichi's relationship.

Seiichi and Saria
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Another possibility is that he could end up with Saria and all the girls, or he will choose one person for himself.

If we are to consider the flow of the story and character development, there is a huge chance for Seiichi to choose all of them, including Saria. When this happens, Seiichi might end up with Saria after all.

Rest assured, we will update this space once Seiichi makes his final decision.

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