Do Mitsuki and Hime End Up Together in Yuri Is My Job?

Do Mitsuki and Hime End Up Together in Yuri is My Job?

Do Mitsuki and Hime End Up Together in Yuri is My Job?

From the title alone, Yuri Is My Job is a yuri anime that follows the story of Hime and Mitsuki. Fans had an idea that the two would eventually date, but since the school anime is a slow burn, viewers wonder if Mitsuki and Hime will end up together.

Mitsuki Yano, or Mitsuki Ayanokouji, is a high school student and a part-timer at Café Liebe.

She is widely known as a kind senior who looks after younger students. Her mature yet cautious personality make other students adore her.

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Hime: The Adorable Part-Timer

Like Mitsuki, Hime is a student who works at Café Liebe as a part-timer. She is a short and thin student famous for her porcelain skin tone.

Sometimes, her cheeks turn pink, making her extra adorable. Her golden-brown eyes and wavy blonde hair make her notable among her peers, completing her angelic yet innocent appearance.

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Do Mitsuki and Hime End Up Together?

As mentioned, it was expected that Hime and Mitsuki would end up together towards the end of Yuri Is My Job. However, it has yet to happen in the anime.

But how did their story start anyway? Hime and Mitsuki were schoolmates who became close during the fifth grade.

Mitsuki invited Hime to accompany her during a recital, and since then, Mitsuki has always asked Hime to go with her.

Hime saw how dedicated Mitsuki was and went along with it. However, Hime changed after some rumors started that Mitsuki was forcing her to help.

The blonde student did not want to harm Mitsuki’s reputation and avoided going with her by declining and giving excuses.

She would do everything for Mitsuki, so she dropped out of the recital to prevent Mitsuki from being bullied. Hime was then branded a liar.

After a couple of years, the two girls met again while working in the same café.

They had a specific role wherein Mitsuki acted as an onee-sama who praised Hime consistently and kept her close.

This role was hard on Mitsuki as she had insecurities and anger about their past.

But as time passed, the two became close again to the point that Mitsuki eventually confessed her love for Hime.

Will the two get together towards the end? Fans of the yuri anime will have to tune in to Yuri Is My Job to find out!

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