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Are Isaku and Keiya a Couple in A Girl & Her Guard Dog?

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Do Isaku and Keiya End Up Together in A Girl & Her Guard Dog?
Credit: Project No.9

A Girl & Her Guard Dog is yet another warm and adorable shōjo and romance anime that features a budding romance between a sheltered Yakuza princess and her bodyguard/babysitter. They belong to the same Yakuza family, but do Isaku and Keiya end up together in A Girl & Her Guard Dog?

Written and illustrated by Hatsuharu, A Girl & Her Guard Dog is a romantic comedy manga series that has been serialized in Kodansha’s Shojo manga magazine, Bessatsu Friend, since December 13, 2018.

The manga series is still ongoing, having released nine volumes as of writing.

Spoiler Warning: There are manga spoilers for A Girl & Her Guard Dog ahead!

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Isaku's Feelings for Keiya: Are They Romantic or Familial?

Isaku Senagaki is head over heels in love with Keiya Uto, her young and handsome bodyguard, babysitter, and caregiver in A Girl & Her Guard Dog.

Isaku fell in love with Keiya when she was just five years old. It all began after Isaku’s grandfather took her to his Yakuza estate and assigned Keiya as her bodyguard.

Back then, Isaku was young, feeble, and afraid as a result of her parent's deaths, but all of her traumatic memories faded when she heard Keiya's soothing words and felt his warm hug.

As Isaku matures, so does her affection for Keiya. Understandably, the two of them are always together through thick and thin, and Keiya is always there to support her wherever she goes.

Because of her family background, Isaku did not have a normal childhood. Her classmates were afraid of her Yakuza status and refused to hang out with her.

It was only Keiya who was there to hold her hand and get her through middle school.

By the time Isaku reached high school, her desire to elevate her relationship with Keiya got stronger. Even if Isaku tries to get to know other men, her head is always preoccupied with thoughts about Keiya.

She admires and treasures Keiya the most, and nothing in the world would make her happier than to end up with him.

Of course, it's not easy for Isaku to end up with Keiya. Their statuses are different, and yakuza families often try to marry their daughters to another family that will bring more power and control than a man with no value.

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Is Keiya Interested in a Romantic Relationship With Isaku?

Does Keiya Like Isaku?
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Credit: Project No.9

Yes, Keiya likes Isaku as well. His idea of love is different from Isaku's, as he treats himself as Isaku’s mother, father, brother, and, at the same time, lover.

He will become anything Isaku needs in her life because it's a matter of Isaku's preference. This caused some confusion with Isaku, but everything worked out just fine in the story.

Keiya likes Isaku so much that he will not let anyone steal her away. In fact, he always shuts down random guys who want to date Isaku. He hates it whenever Isaku goes out or even talks with guys other than him.

He basically raised Isaku, and there’s no way that some perverted guy will take the love of his life. He even got a tattoo behind his back, which represents his lifetime responsibility toward Isaku.

He also allowed Isaku to have her mark on his back to show her just how devoted he is to her.

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So, Do Isaku and Keiya Become a Couple?

Do Isaku and Keiya End Up Together
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Credit: Project No.9

As of writing, Isaku and Keiya are dating in A Girl & Her Guard Dog. Their relationship is going smoothly, despite some hiccups along the way.

They are expected to end up together in the series despite their age difference and societal status.

Isaku and Keiya even have promise rings, which signify their love for each other. By wearing the same rings, other people would know about their relationship and how they belong to each other forever.

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