Kimi ni Todoke: Do Ayane and Pin End up Together?

do ayane and pin end up together kimi ni todoke
Credit: Screenshot at 1:10 via NIS America Official YouTube Channel

do ayane and pin end up together kimi ni todoke
Credit: Screenshot at 1:10 via NIS America Official YouTube Channel

Although Sawako and Kazehaya are the main couple in Kimi ni Todoke, fans cannot stop themselves from shipping Ayane and Pin together. They may have a student-teacher relationship, but do Ayane and Pin end up together in Kimi ni Todoke?

A student-teacher relationship is a common trope in romance anime. Regardless of their age differences, some characters end up dating and even marrying each other.

Does Ayane Like Pin?

Yes, Ayane Yano has feelings for Kazuichi Arai, better known as Pin in Kimi ni Todoke.

It took Ayane a long time and a lot of prodding from Sawako and Chizuru before she confessed to Pin in his apartment.

Ayane initially dislikes Pin, finding him unpleasant, pompous, and full of rubbish. She also criticizes Pin, claiming he was a failure despite being a high school teacher.

Plus, Pin has a very poor and messy lifestyle, which Ayane also detests. But as Ayane learned more about Pin, she began to develop feelings for him that she didn't fully understand.

Ayane knew how her heart and mind worked because she frequently dated, but her feelings for Pin were very different.

Because of her eagerness to learn more about Pin, she would frequently hang out with him and talk about life in general.

In return, Pin would often say words of encouragement and talk about how he sees her as a very successful person in the future.

Since Ayane’s type is older men with a mature way of thinking and personality, Pin somehow becomes her type, even though she is hesitant at first.

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Does Pin Like Ayane?

Given their student-teacher relationship, it's unclear whether Pin likes Ayane to this day.

Nonetheless, Pin often finds himself in a romantic situation with Ayane, and he expresses his entire support for her in ways that he does not generally do with his other students.

Despite their age difference, Pin can relate to Ayane's mindset and act as his advisor, particularly when she is struggling and in trouble.

He is also very thoughtful of Ayane, even going so far as to give her a responsible date as a Christmas present.

Pin is always there for Ayane, even though the two of them frequently irritate each other and get into petty squabbles.

Pin may not appear to be so, but he is a very wise man who understands life and knows exactly what to say to Ayane during difficult times.

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So, Do Ayane and Pin End up Together in Kimi ni Todoke?

Unfortunately, Ayane and Pin did not end up together, although it was implied that 10 years later, the two of them would possibly have a relationship.

Ayane and Pin knew that dating would not work because of their age difference and student-teacher relationship.

Pin can't fully commit to Ayane because of the nature of his work and the way people perceive it.

When Ayane confessed her romantic feelings, Pin had no choice but to gently reject her.

Still, Ayane did not take it personally because she had already accepted their unfortunate situation.

When Ayane graduated, she asked Pin not to let his hair down for 10 years.

Pin is very attractive when his hair is down, so this is Ayane's plan to keep him from finding a girlfriend for the next 10 years.

If Pin and Ayane are still single at that time, there is a huge chance that the two of them will likely have a relationship.

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