DKZ Jaechan Credits Semantic Error For Making His Boy Group More Popular

Credit: DKZ/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: DKZ/YouTube Screenshot

DKZ Jaechan is speaking highly of his popular BL series, Semantic Error, as the series reportedly helped his group be more successful.

Before ultimately debuting with Dongkiz on the Block, DKZ – formerly known as DONGKIZ – caught people’s attention with their pre-debut song, Nom. Since then, they have stood under the spotlight and received several accolades, including the Focus Award at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards.

However, Jaechan noted that the group did not reach the highest peak of their career yet, not until Semantic Error aired.

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DKZ Jaechan Reveals Semantic Error Helped Them Become More Successful

The idol-turned actor recently appeared in The Big Issue magazine and had a brief talk with them during an interview. Jaechan took his time to talk about DKZ’s popularity and what his goals are in the future.

Per the DKZ member, Semantic Error made their songs finally enter domestic music charts.

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“While promoting as an idol, my goal was to make it onto the music charts,” he said. “I was extremely moved that so many people listened and gave love to DKZ songs now, before our comeback, when we aren’t even promoting.”

Although he found success in acting, Jaechan revealed that he wants to continue acting while performing as an idol at the same time since he has goals for the future.

As an idol, he reportedly wants the public to know more about them. Meanwhile, he expressed his desire to have a new project this year in the acting industry to show fans a new side of himself.

DKZ’s Old Songs See Success

Indeed, after Semantic Error aired, DKZ’s songs – including the old ones – made it to the spotlight.

This year, their 2020 song Lupin and Crazy Night secured spots on several Korean music charts, including Bugs. Lupin also scored 1 million Spotify streams after Jaechan appeared in the series.

On top of that, DKZ finally entered the challenging Genie Chart years after their debut.

With that, it is not surprising why Jaechan fell in love with Semantic Error despite its ending.

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