Disney's Live-Action Mulan NOT a Musical?

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Mulan is down the line for next live-action Disney adaptation, and though some are hoping the remake will end up just like the other ones, there looks to be some significant changes with this remake. Just in, rumor has it that the songs from the original film won't actually be in the movie, but will only be alluded to via instrumentals.

As per The DisInsider, a source had told the site, "While music from the animated film will be included in the remake, the songs will not be sung by the cast as the music is just instrumentals."

This should come as a bummer for fans of the classic film, since the soundtrack was fantastic. Besides the hit ballad Reflection, the movie also has fun numbers like Honor to Us All, I'll Make a Man Out of You, and A Girl Worth Fighting For.

Heck, the only thing that I loved about the new Aladdin movie was the music. It's kind of a shame that they would choose to ignore that for this movie.


Of course for now, this is all just a rumor. It's possible that we'll still get the music; and if we won't, I'm sure test audiences will want it in there, and Disney might make the change. If they can delay Sonic the Hedgehog after fan backlash, I'm sure they could do the same for Mulan.

Or we can all just be grown-ups and watch the original instead. It's not like a live-action remake "ruins" the movie.

Mulan is currently under production with director Niki Caro, and stars Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Lee, and Li Gong.

Catch it in theaters March 27, 2020.

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