Disney's Avengers Campus is Not MCU Canon, Thanos' Snap Never Happened

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Disney Parks' Avengers Campus will be an all-new land that lets fans experience heroic encounters with some of their favorite Marvel characters. While it's ought to bring the attendees to the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a key difference is that the snap never happened.

"So the Avengers and all of us, the guests, we're recruits. We're here to just have eyes on the prize there," Disney Parks Live Entertainment executive creative director Dan Fields said in a preview for the park (via ComicBook.com). I think that you'll find that these events are really happening. It's really happening."


"This campus exists in the real world, and therefore, those heroes are here and keep an eye on us, keep us all safe," he added. "There's no apocalyptic snap happening in this campus." That said, while there is no snap, Fields says there would be some sort of conflict present in the park, but they didn't want the attendees to feel that there's an "apocalyptic threat to the end of the humanity."

"Our friends in the studio do a great job with that," Fields assured. "So we want the conflict to be a little more accessible to the daily guests here."

As fans very well know, Thanos' snap was a pivotal point in the Infinity Saga that took place in Avengers: Infinity War. To reverse this snap, Iron Man sacrificed his life in Endgame. However, in Avengers Campus, Tony Stark is alive and even has a designated area to meet up with recruits and pose with attendees. He will also be sporting a Disney Parks exclusive Mark 80 armor.

Avengers Campus opens on July 18, although it is unclear if the opening date will be pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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