12 Feb 2020 4:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Disney Tracks Down Thousands of Baby Yoda Listings on Etsy

Star Wars: The Mandalorian's breakout star comes in the form of Baby Yoda who has captured the hearts of millions of fans and Disney+ subscribers. The adorable creature is so loved by fans that a lot of the character's merchandise is getting sold out, with others making a plushie of their own to sell on Etsy.

Since Disney intentionally delayed production on official Baby Yoda merch to keep the character a secret until the show's premiere, some unauthorized merchandising inspired by The Child has appeared on Etsy. Of course, the company is tracking down every single one of these listings, with other sellers even changing the name to avoid getting a trademark infringement.


There are over 1,500 products listed on the site under listings such as Baby Alien or The Child which makes the products a bit harder to track. Disney has filed a handful of violation complaints that got these products delisted by Etsy.

It is unfortunate for some whose only resort to getting a Baby Yoda merch is through unofficial ones, but of course, the company has a right to enforce copyright and trademark rights with the unregistered crafted goods.

The character's popularity is evident with its sales on merchandise. With Baby Yoda's Funko Pop figure becoming the best-selling pop of all time. Set for release in May, pre-order has gone off the roof. It's also harder to reserve a Baby Yoda plush toy and it looks like reservations for backorder for Mattel's plush are limited.

Though some fans weren't able to purchase any Baby Yoda merch, they can still catch the Child's adventures with Din Djarin in the second season of The Mandalorian which is slated for release in October.

via Bloomberg

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