Disney Reveals Its New Intro for 20th Century Studios

It's been a while since Disney completed its acquisition of 20th Century Fox last year and now the Mickey Mouse House has been making a few changes to Fox's brand.

Last month, Disney announced that it was removing Fox's name from the studio's two main movie banners. The company turned 20th Century Fox to 20th Century Studios and turned Fox Searchlight into Searchlight Pictures.

The name change might not have really bothered most, but it did pose a major problem for one of the most iconic movie studios intros in Hollywood history – the Fox Fanfare. Disney just recently revealed the new Fox Fanfare when it released its brand new TV spot for The Call of the Wild, and though it doesn't necessarily change anything much from the original Fox logo, it does have a difference that movie fans might recognize.

At the very start of the new clip promoting Harrison Ford's new movie, fans get to see the trailer begin with the new 20th Century Fox logo. The logo is missing the word Fox, and it's also missing the Fox Fanfare, but outside of that, everything else looks the same.

The missing fanfare might irk fans – the musical opening meant so much to moviegoers that enjoyed films from 20th Century Fox. We're hoping that Disney opts to add the fanfare in when it screens 20th Century Studios movies in cinemas. Let's wait and see whether or not the fanfare is going to make it in The Call of the Wild.

The Call of the Wild premieres on February 21, 2020.

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