Disney Refuses to Apologize for Mulan Xinjiang Backlash in New Statement

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There is little doubt that Mulan has been hounded by controversy since the live-action reboot was announced all the way until its release last week. The most recent backlash is connected to the film thanking certain departments in the Chinese province of Xinjiang which is known for its "re-education" camps filled with Uighur Muslim people. Interestingly, Disney has issued a statement about the issue and is somehow refusing to apologize for it.

It was previously reported that Mulan mentions eight Xinjiang region-based wings of the Chinese government, including multiple CCP propaganda departments and the Public Security Bureau in the city of Turpan in the "special thanks" section of the film. Additionally, it was confirmed that most of the movie was shot in the province.

This led to people including US Senator Josh Hawley asking Disney to condemn the genocide happening in Turpan right now. However, the statement from the studio doesn't even address it.

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy recently spoke to Variety where she was asked about the issue. Although McCarthy commented on the Mulan credits, it was all that she actually addressed.

"It's common to acknowledge in a film's credits the national and local governments that allowed you to film there," McCarthy said. "It has generated a lot of publicity. Let's leave it at that."

For now, it looks like this is the only statement we're getting from Disney as the studio remains silent about the issue. Mulan is still available for streaming on Disney+ for $29.99.

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